Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy

Having a root canal should no longer be the butt of a joke or synonymous with pain and displeasure.  Advancements in root canal therapy have probably exceeded advancements in cosmetic dentistry, making treatment relatively painless and a very economical way to save a diseased tooth

Root canal therapy (endodontic therapy) saves teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Root canal therapy typically is a series of treatments for removing the pulp of a tooth to eliminate infection and protect the tooth from future infection. At Callahan Dental we generally can perform a root canal in just one appointment – faster, with more predictable results – and with little or no discomfort. After the root canal procedure the patient is fitted with a dental crown to replace the top of the tooth.

Without treatment, the infection of the dental pulp will spread to the bone around the tooth and beyond.

Root canal procedure

Root canal procedure

Treatment begins with the initial removal of the tooth crown, or top, to allow access to the pulpal tissue. Once the affected pulpal tissue is exposed, the affected area is removed. The area surrounding and containing the pulpal tissue is carefully cleaned, enlarged, and shaped to provide a clean, bondable surface for filling with a permanent filler to prohibit any further infection and discomfort. The procedure is relatively painless when properly done.

Dr. Callahan will help you decide on the most appropriate treatment for your comfort and crown replacement options (e.g., all-ceramic crown, porcelain fused to gold, all gold crown) to achieve the most natural-looking or most durable restoration for your smile.

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